Experimental Setup 02 LEO chamber

Low Earth Orbit(LEO)Chamber (Plasma Environment)

LEO chamber

<LEO chamber>

This chamber has a plasma source to simulate the plasma environment in LEO.

The plasma source is non-electronode and is the same model plasma source that was mounted on HAYABUSA.

Many charging tests for sattelites have been conducted in the past.

LEO chamber is also being used for basic research and development related to spacecraft charging and arcing.


Dimensions Diameter: 1.0 m × Length: 1.2 m
Ultimate pressure 10-4 Pa
Pumping Speed 300 l/s
Plasma source Type ECR plasma
Plasma density 1011~1012 m-3
Pressure with plasma 2×10-2 Pa

Ancillary Equipment :

  • Discharge position identification system
  • High speed discharge waveform acquisition system
  • Langmuir probe
  • Metal halide lamp for evaluation of solar array electric characteristic
  • Baking lamp