Experimental Setup 03 PEO chamber

Polar Earth Orbit(PEO)Chamber(Electron Beam・Plasma Environment)

PEO chamber

<PEO chamber>

This chamber has an electron beam gun and plasma source to simulate the particular environment such as PEO.

To operate the electron beam gun and plasma source at the same we can simulate the aurora zone environment.

Separately operating each system can create GEO or LEO environment.

In addition to charging and arcing test of spacecraft, PEO chamber is used in the verification test of MUSCAT and the basic research of spacecraft charging.


Demensions diameter : 1 m × length : 1.2 m
Ultimate pressure 10-5 Pa
Pumping Speed 1000 l/s
Electron beam gun Maximum
acceleration voltage
beam current
Plasma source Type ECR plasma
Plasma density 1011~1012 m-3
Pressure with plasma 1×10-3 Pa

Ancillary Equipment:

  • Potential probe
  • XY stage
  • Discharge position identification system
  • High speed discharge waveform acquisition system
  • Langmuir Probe
  • Sample cooling machine
  • Mass spectrograph
  • Electron beam shutter
  • Baking lamp