Center for Nanosatellite Testing


Space environment testing room (located in General Research Building 2)

The Center for Nanosatellite Testing (CeNT) is equipped with environmental test facilities such as vibration and shock tests, thermal vacuum and thermal cycle tests, for nanosatellites with a maximum length of 50 cm per dimension and a mass of up to 50 kg. Other equipment available at CeNT includes out-gas measurement and antenna pattern evaluation apparatus, as well as two clean rooms for satellite assembly/ disassembly and storage. Users of the center are from both Japan and overseas.

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Ground station and Antenna

Ground station equipment

Ground station equipment (located in General Research Building 1)

The laboratory has a ground station and antenna for transmitting and receiving satellite data. The ground station and antenna are located respectively, on the 8th floor and rooftop of the General Research Building 1.


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